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Culture Survey FAQs

Why is WVU conducting a second survey?

West Virginia University is seeking your input once again because your thoughts matter and your voices command attention and respect. We will use your feedback to build a better, stronger culture. The results will help us measure strengths, identify opportunities and measure the effectiveness of the initiatives that we put in place. A survey will be conducted annually to help measure progress in efforts to proactively shape the culture of the University.

Who administers the survey?

Senn Delaney, a third-party firm specializing in cultureshaping, is conducting the survey on behalf of WVU.

Who is receiving the survey?

All benefits-eligible faculty and staff (employed as of September 14, 2017) on the Morgantown, Beckley and Keyser campuses will be invited to participate.

When is the survey and how often is it done?

The survey will be conducted from October 2-October 23 until 8 p.m. The survey is currently administered annually in October. Watch for the e-mail from:

Why should I participate?

Your voice matters, and your response helps the University identify areas that need attention. Higher response rates give a better understanding of employee opinions and needs. Please take advantage of the opportunity to participate.

When you say "campus culture," what are some of the things you are looking at?

The survey is used to accurately define the current state of the University’s culture, including the values and habits of employees and how we work with each other as well as customers and stakeholders.

What are the key characteristics of culture the survey manages?

The survey manages seven key characteristics of culture: Alignment, Performance Orientation, Teamwork, Collaboration and Openness to Change, Ethics and Integrity, Organizational Health (Openness, Trust and Positive Energy) and Service/Commitment to Others.

What's new about this year's survey?

Last year, 2,000 randomly selected employees (including senior leaders, faculty and staff) were invited to participate. This year, all benefits-eligible faculty and staff (employed as of September 14, 2017) on the Morgantown, Beckley and Keyser campuses will be invited to participate.

What information is provided to Senn Delaney about me?

Your name, University work email, position title and whether you are considered faculty or non-faculty. This year the data will be provided from both an organizational perspective as well as from a divisional perspective. As a result, information related to what division you work in will be provided. To protect anonymity, we cannot access or report individual responses — only aggregate responses.

Are my responses anonymous? Who will know if I have responded?

Yes, all survey responses are anonymous. To ensure anonymity, no one from WVU will know who has participated, or not participated, in the survey. Only an aggregate of how many total employees participated will be reported to WVU, and no individually identifying information.

Will my manager or others see my answers?

At no time will anyone be given information to link individuals to survey responses. We will receive the results in aggregate form only.

Do I have to complete the survey?

No; however, your participation in the survey is highly encouraged. It is important to let your voice be heard. Your feedback will help our organization take action that will create a higher performing organization and a better place to work. We can’t look for solutions if we don’t know there are challenges.

Are there different questions for different employees?

No, all employees will receive the same questions.

How long is the survey, and how long will it take to complete?

The survey includes 28 questions/statements and takes less than 8 minutes to complete.

Will I receive a copy of the results?

Yes, the aggregate results will be shared with the campus community in early 2018.

What if I don't have regular access to a computer to take the survey?

All of our library locations (Downtown, Evansdale, Health Sciences and Law) have public access computers available to employees. Just enter your WVU Login information.

What were the results of last year's survey?

Our strengths included an overwhelming sense of pride, a student-focused faculty and staff, and a lively congenial atmosphere. People enjoy working here. We also found ways to bolster our efforts through empowerment, appreciation and recognition, and better employee coaching and feedback. The University has put initiatives in place as a result of this feedback by revamping the employee recognition program through the Go Beyond portal, initiating mandatory supervisor training for performance reviews, offering two-way Campus Conversations on important topics and advocating successfully for the freedom to design our own policies for hiring and compensation that incentivize performance and enhance employee engagement.

Who do I email if I have questions about this survey?

For technical questions about access to the survey, please respond back to your email from Senn Delaney ( For questions that apply to WVU, please email: