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Leadership and Organization Development

West Virginia University is committed to the acquisition, retention, and development of a first-class workforce. To that end, Leadership and Organization Development offers targeted services to units, schools, and departments throughout the University to engage employees in professional development practices while creating a collaborative culture to enhance OneWVU.

We are transforming our philosophy from a provider of traditional, “one size fits all” classroom setting training options to providing specialized programming and services to clients in a more impactful way-customized to their needs, resources, and timeline. 

Our goal is to help clients find solutions to their individual challenges and identify opportunities for strengthening leadership, improving efficiencies, and increasing employee engagement. Simply, we want to work with you to be a catalyst for individual and organizational change.

We are currently developing programs and services that focus our resources in a more innovative way and that plan should be developed soon. We know that will mean more focus to individual divisions and departments, and in some cases, job families, and less traditional classroom training. However, the plan is in its early stages and is not finalized. We’ve begun our work in two areas of the organization where we believe, because of the sheer numbers of employees and the importance of their work, we can get a lift. We also hope to field test the processes and tools and get quick feedback for improving the experience for others in the organization.

We are excited about this new approach and are certain that the results will be more strategic and sustainable and in the spirit of One WVU…more collaborative. Stay tuned for some innovative learning opportunities for WVU employees. In the meantime, if you need us or have a suggestion-please reach out. We’d like to hear from you.